Day 13- Traveling Safely

Traveling safely on a gluten free diet may seem scary but I assure you it can be done! Yes there are special precautions you need to take but you don't have to avoid traveling out of fear. 

Today you'll learn
How to plan a safe gluten free vacation
How to stay at friends or relatives houses without getting sick
The best and worst places to travel gluten free

How to be a gluten free house guest:
If you're going to be staying at a relatives house it's important to make sure that the people hosting understand your diet. Before visiting have an open conversation about what you can and can't eat. Let them know that you most likely wont be able to eat the meals they're preparing but you'll be prepared with snacks, re heat meals and they wont have to worry. It's to much to ask for someone to learn everything they need to know about cross contamination and gluten in foods. Make sure to have meals that you either bring with you that you can re heat or buy frozen meals. Have enough planned that you have something to eat at every meal. Make sure to clean the counters before preparing your meal and make sure to bring your own utensils and plates if they don't have a dish washer. Bringing paper plates and plastic utensils can be convenient.

What are the best and worst places to travel gluten free
There are no shortage of places you can visit around the world. Many countries that you wouldn't expect to be a gluten friendly place to travel actually are. You can even travel to places where you don't speak the language. All you need is travel cards that you can give to those at the restaurant that explain what you can and can't eat. Another helpful thing to have is a translation app for grocery shopping. So where are the best and worst places to travel GF.

Best: These countries all have a good understanding of a gluten free diet and you won't have a problem traveling.
Great Britain
South America

Worst: Language and cuisine make these places not the best or easiest while traveling gluten free.

What are the best gluten friendly airlines?

Gluten-Free Airline Options: North America

In North America, JetBlue stands out as the only airline to reliably provide complimentary gluten-free snacks (Popcorners chips), along with some of the healthiest plant-based foods for purchase. Other North American carriers offering snacks for purchase include Air Canada (gluten-free crackers and cheese), Alaska Airlines (Mediterranean tapas selection), Delta (Mrs. May’s Nut Crunch), United (Two Degrees bars), and Virgin America (Udi’s granola and Crunchmaster crackers).

Many North American airlines offer gluten-free meals on international or transcontinental flights, with a few exceptions.  If you’re planning a long flight on Alaska Airlines, Frontier Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Spirit Airlines, or Virgin America, be sure to pack extra snacks, as these airlines do not offer gluten-free meals.