Cucumber Ginger Mint Smoothie (Anti Bloating & Supports Digestion)

Bloating, also known as a "food baby" is such a common problem. It can mean you ate to much to fast or that you are swallowing to much air. It can also mean you are eating something you're sensitive to and are having trouble digesting it (like gluten, dairy, eggs, soy ex.). Bloating can also be a sign of a more serious medical condition. If you're a Celiac like me then you'll probably know very well what it's like to have bloating. When I get "glutened" I get so bloated sometimes I worry I may explode! Tmi? sorry.

This is my go to smoothie when my digestive system down for the count. All the ingredients are easy to digest and reduce bloating. I add some fresh mint from my herb garden or steep some peppermint tea and let cool to add into the smoothie. Peppermint has been shown to reduce bloating(1) . Coconut water is full of electrolytes and is a healthy alternative to juice or dairy (common smoothie additives). Ginger improves your digestion, prevents bloating and decreases intestinal gas. Cucumber has anti inflammatory properties and adds a yummy flavor to the smoothie. Try freezing coconut water in an ice cube tray and use them in smoothies as a tasty alternative to plain ice.

Cucumber Ginger Mint Smoothie Recipe
Serves 1 Time 5 Min


1/4 cup chopped seeded peeled cucumber
Small handful of kale
1/2 cup coconut water ice cubes (or just plain ice)
1/2 banana
1/2 tsp fresh ginger zested
1/4 cup fresh mint leaves *
If it's not sweet enough you can add a tsp of raw honey if you want

*If you don't have any fresh mint leaves you can put a peppermint tea bag in 1/4 cup boiled water for about 5 min, then remover and let water cool. Then add to the smoothie.


1. Add all ingredients to a blender and blend! 

Bloating side note: If you are experiencing bloating regularly it's important to see your doctor to make sure there isn't an underlying medical condition.