Freeze Ahead Cauliflower "Oatmeal" & Berries

The only way I stay sane cooking all of my own meals from scratch is making tons of easy freezer friendly meals. Traditional breakfast meals are usually gone on the autoimmune paleo diet because of the elimination of grains, eggs and dairy. But lets be real here sometimes I don't meat for breakfast. On those days I love heating these individual pre-made cauliflower rice oatmeal and berries. I know what you're thinking because I thought the same thing. Sweet cauliflower.. gross! I swear it's so delicious, don't knock it till you try it. 

Mornings for me usually involve me standing at the stove 99% asleep heating one of these up thinking thank goodness I don't have to cook! Don't get me wrong I love cooking but just not in the when I first wake up. Over the next few months I will be adding lots of make ahead breakfast ideas for all those night owls like me who are zombies in the morning. Don't worry I got you!*

Autoimmune Paleo Cauliflower Rice "Oatmeal" Recipe

AIP, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Nut Free, Grain Free, Allergy Friendly