4 Week Radiant Bride Nutrition Program 


Getting married in Victoria or near by and want to look and feel your best on your big day? 

With your wedding approaching I am sure you have a lot of goals in mind of how you want to look and feel on the day. I get it though, it can really be hard to do everything (work, plan, live, love) and still eat well! And that’s where I come in…

If your goals are to drop a few pounds, have shiny hair and glowing skin, increase your energy, and of course stay healthy, then let me take care of your nutrition plan while you plan your wedding.

This program is perfect for anyone who wants to have that bridal glow, feel fantastic and stay healthy – let’s face it nobody wants to feel ill in the run up to or on their wedding day.

No counting calories, diets and severe foods restrictions involved (You don't want to add more stress!) Just a simple, healthy and easy to follow nutrition plan tailored to your goals and preferences. 

Brides are mentored and supported through a tailored nutrition and wellness program to ensure you meet and even exceed your weight-loss goals. My approach will help you break through plateaus to unveil a fresh, new figure and nourish you from the inside so that you glow on the outside. Centered, present and picture-perfect. I'll will help you feel and look all three on your special day. 

Nutrition Program


Week One: Weight & Energy

 In this phase we’ll dive deep into your health history, symptoms, lifestyle and background to figure out realistic goals for the time that we will be working together. You'll learn which foods give you balanced energy throughout the day and what simple steps you can take starting right away to reach your ideal healthy weight. We'll also introduce foods into your diet with natural detoxifying properties to boost energy. 

You'll leave with a simple daily to-do list for the first week with actionable steps that are simple to complete. You'll also receive a personalized 1 week meal plan that boosts energy and makes you feel great. 

Week Two: Glowing Skin & Healthy Hair

Learn simple ways to add in foods that help make skin glow and hair shine. Eating and avoiding the right foods can prevent breakouts, even skin tone, grow hair faster and make you glow (who doesnt want that on their big day?)

You'll leave with a DIY natural beauty recipe booklet for skin and hair (Hair treatments, face masks, nail treatments and face oil recipes customized for your skin type). Plus a meal plan with recipes that make you beautiful from the inside out. 

Week Three: Sleep & Stress

Learn how to manage the stress of wedding planning so that you can spend more time and energy enjoying your engagement. You'll introduce foods 

You'll leave with a stress management kit with meditation and yoga recommendations. Calming tea and food recipes for a burnt out bride.  

Week Four: Anti Bloating & Immune boosting

No one wants to feel puffy and gassy when they walk down the aisle. Learn what to eat leading up to the wedding day to prevent bloating, reduce stress, prevent breakouts and strengthen the immune system. 

Handouts: Personalized meal plan for the weeks leading up to the wedding. 

Get recommendations on the best natural cosmetic brands (and make up artists) to use at your wedding. Also find out how to include healthy options at your wedding +(catering recommendations) and how to have a eco friendly wedding. 

Free wedding workout video recommendations + Plan. 



How Does the Program Work? 
Every week we meet up for 1 hour appointment locally in Victoria at Vancouver Island Naturopathic Clinic in Royal Oak. In each appointment you'll get new recipes, handouts and daily goals customized specifically for you. 

Where are you Located? 
The program takes place at Vancouver Island Naturopathic Clinic 4480 W Saanich Rd, Victoria, BC V8Z 3E9, but the program can also be done over Skype or phone. 

When should I do the program? 
Anytime! Whether your just got engaged or it's only a few months until your wedding what you'll learn in the program will benefit you even beyond your wedding day

What's the program cost? 

Are you a nutritionist? 
Yes I am, I graduated from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition in 2015 as a holistic nutritionist.


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About me
After years of suffering with poor health because of food allergies and autoimmunity I discovered how healing and nourishing foods can be. I became a holistic nutritionist and now I work with women everyday reach their health goals. 

I'm a bride to be as well! In December 2018 I'm getting married. I'm right in the middle of planning a wedding so I know how stressful (and fun!) it can be. The long list of to-do's makes fitting in healthy living difficult, but with a few tricks and tips it's totally manageable.