Day 16- Natural Relief Of Gluten Symptoms

Welcome to Day 16! Getting "glutened" will happen from time to time and there are some things you can do to feel better.

Today you'll Learn:
My 5 step approach to feeling better after a "glutening".
How long it takes to feel better
What to expect when getting glutened.

Will my glutenings get worse over time?
Unfortunately this is common. As your body and immune system get stronger on a gluten free diet when you actually do ingest gluten the symptoms are typically stronger as time goes on. So for example right after you're diagnosed you may eat a regular hot dog bun by mistake and only get slightly ill, 2 years later if that happened you could be sick for a week. It's also common for these symptoms to change, as in, before diagnosis you had constipation, but after diagnosis you have diarrhea when glutened.

How long will it take me to feel better?
Like i've mentioned earlier in the course,  you can see improvement anywhere from days to several months after implementing a gluten free diet. After a accidental glutening you may feel sick for only a day but typically it takes a few days to recover for some longer.

5 Steps to take after an accidental glutening

Step #1 Rest
If you push yourself you will only feel worse. Gluten exposure often leads of gluten-induced fatigue and insomnia in many people. It's tough to feel normal when you can't sleep at night, and want only to sleep during the day.

The solution? Get as much rest as you possibly can, whenever you can grab it. If you're lucky enough to work at home, or if you have a flexible schedule, try to build in a nap. Even if you can't actually sleep, lying down may help.

Step # 2 Don't take any chances
Avoid taking chances while you're recovering. That means skipping restaurant meals, bringing your own food to friends' houses, and sidelining any temptations you feel to indulge in something you know may be questionable.

Step #3 Drink bone broth
Bone broth is very high in the anti-inflammatory amino acids glycine and proline. The gelatin in bone broth protects and heals the mucosal lining of the digestive tract that may get disrupted by being glutened.

Have Ginger tea- It has high levels of gingerol, which gives it a natural spicy flavor and acts as an anti-inflammatory in the body. It also has potent anti-nausea properties and can ease stomach cramping. Drinking warm ginger tea is a great idea.

Turmeric is a member of the ginger family that contains the active ingredient curcumin, which is known for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Step#4 Don't just push yourself to prove a point
It's common when you're dealing will illness to just power through it, or try to prove to yourself of others that it doesn't matter. It's OK to rest, it's OK to miss something. Don't feel bad, you'll get better soon and then get back to your day to day.

Step#5 Hydration
Fluids will help flush your system and keep you hydrated if you're vomiting or have diarrhea. In addition to regular water, you can try coconut water, which contains electrolytes that may have been lost through vomiting or diarrhea.

Step #5 Add L-glutamine
The healing powers of this amino acid are not to be underestimated. We naturally produce glutamine; however, our bodies are unable to produce it when we're stressed or our systems are compromised. Its abilities include healing the gut lining, reducing inflammation and improving immune function for warding off infections.