Day 12- Heal your gut


Many gluten related disorders orginate in the gut so it only makes sense to support that area of your body in your healing journey. Removing all gluten from your life is the most important thing for healing your gut because this is whats causing the damage in the first place. That being said, you can take steps to support the healing in your gut like removing certain unhealthy foods from your diet and relieving stress in your life.

Today we'll learn:
What leaky gut is
How it relates to celiac disease and gluten sensitivity
How to heal your gut and why it's important
How to customize your gut healing for gluten related disorder

If you have celiac disease you most likely have damage to your small intestine. After you implement a strict gluten free diet you can aid your body in the healing process. How long does the healing process take in those with celiac disease? For adults it can be up to two years depending on how much damage has been done. Giving your body nourishing foods and a healthy environment is key for a feeling your best after starting a gluten free diet. 

What is leaky gut?

The intestinal membrane becomes too porous or leaky, which leads to immune response and negative health effects. Gluten protein is a well-known catalyst or trigger of leaky gut syndrome because it can irritate the delicate membrane of the small intestine. People who are sensitive to gluten -- called gluten intolerance -- are at greater risk of developing leaky gut.

 When you have celiac disease there is damage done to your small intestine. Leaky gut is increased intestinal permeability. That happens when tight junctions in the gut, which control what passes through the lining of the small intestine, don't work properly. That could let substances leak into the bloodstream.

Celiac Disease and Leaky Gut
Exposure to the gliadin protein increases gut permeability, which means small tears (or junctions) in the gut lining can open wider and allow for substances to pass through and enter the bloodstream. The immune system responds by damaging or destroying villi, which are the tiny protrusions that line the small intestines. These tiny protrusions end up letting what should be only kept in the intestinal tract into the bloodstream and this creates full body inflammation.

Why is supporting your gut important?
Why can't you just go on a gluten free diet and leave it at that? We don't just get leaky gut from ingesting gluten. We get leaky gut from a variety of reasons, including poor diet, antibiotics, and gut bacteria imbalances. When this is the case, the body is more prone to other food sensitivities and allergies. Chances are there are other foods, such as dairy, that may temporarily bother you as well and continue to damage the gut.

So eliminating certain things and eating a healing diet is key for healing your gut after a gluten related diagnosis.