The 7 Best Gluten Free Travel Destinations In The World

As the world becomes more gluten friendly it gets easier for those who are gluten free to travel anywhere in the world. When you're extremely sensitive to small amounts of gluten, it can feel like traveling isn't even an option anymore, but with some careful planning and research you can have the relaxing fun filled vacation you've been dreaming of.

The 7 destinations I chose all have a large selection of gluten free restaurants and are knowledgeable about the gluten free lifestyle. Many of the destinations I have selected have 100% gluten free restaurants, which is perfect for those with on a strict gluten free diet.  

Most of these places are in English speaking parts of the world simply because it's easier to read ingredients and communicate effectively with the restaurant staff. I know many travelers have had success traveling all over the world with the help of restaurant language translation cards like these.

Here are some of the most gluten friendly cities, where to stay and where to eat when you're there:

 Dublin, Ireland:

Ireland isn't just a gluten friendly place to travel, it's also one of the most beautiful and desired travel destinations. Ireland has one of the largest concentrations of people with celiac disease in the world, and its residents are accustomed to catering to gluten-free needs. I chose Dublin Ireland as number one on my list because there is a huge selection of gluten free restaurants and bakeries. Since Coeliac disease (what they call celiac disease) is so common, it's easy to get special accommodations because of your gluten free diet. Traveling gluten free can be stressful but going to Dublin takes many of those stresses away so you can just relax and enjoy yourself!

Where to stay:
Resorts With Kitchenettes:
Green Isle Hotel
Roxford Lodge Hotel
Clarion Hotel Liffey Valley
Leeson Bridge House

Best Gluten Free Restaurants:

1. O’Connells Restaurant, Donnybrook

O’Connells aspires to be Dublin’s leading Celiac Friendly Restaurant. They bake there own gluten-free bread and most menu items are gluten-free.

2. La Reserve, Ranelagh

La Réserve Brasserie is an intimate and lively French brasserie. Predominantly serving a modern take on French classics. The menu also shows influences from international cuisine and is provide you great gluten free options.

3. The Exchange Restaurant & Cocktail Bar, The Westin Dublin 2

The Exchange restaurant is situated in the Westin Hotel and serves great gluten free food. The room is flooded with natural light and features a stunning Art Deco style mural, plush leather benches, intimate corners and friendly service.

Antoinette's Bakery 100% Gluten Free
This bakery is 100% gluten free plus bonus it's allergy friendly. On a side note I'm considering ordering a ticket to Dublin right now just to go to this bakery. I've just spent 15 minutes drooling at their menu.

 Maui, Hawaii

Maui has miles of perfect beaches, lush green valleys, and volcanic landscapes, as well as its historic villages, top-notch water sports, and world class restaurants and resorts, have made it an popular tourist destination. I chose Maui for this list because it has a 100% gluten free pizza restaurant (yes please!). Maui has a large amount of vacation rentals and condos for those who want to cook their own meals. There are a few 100% gluten free restaurants and bakeries for those who want dedicated kitchens to eat from. It's a tropical vacation with the added bonus of it being an english speaking destination so it's easy to communicate your dietary needs.   

Resorts With Kitchenettes:
Hana Kai Maui
Aston Mahana Kaanapali
Kaanapali Alii

Best Gluten Free Restaurants:
 1. Maui Brick Oven -- 100% Gluten free
Hawaii’s first 100 percent gluten free restaurant. It has a large selection of gluten free pizzas.

2. Maui Sugar Shop-- 100% Gluten Free
Maui Sugar Shop is a dedicated gluten free bakery that's also non-GMO, paleo and vegan friendly.
If you want a safe baked good in Maui this is the place to go!

3. Maka by Mana- 100% Gluten free
Maka by Mana offers a wide selection of raw and vegan dishes, made only from the highest quality ingredients. The entire menu is vegan and gluten-free with a variety of raw dishes as well.

4. Coconuts Fish Cafe
Coconut Fish Cafe isn't a 100% gluten free restaurant but they are very accommodating to those on a gluten free diet. They have many gluten free items on their menu and are knowledgeable about cross contamination and celiac disease.

New York City USA

In New York City is one of the biggest tourist destinations in the world. The city that never sleeps has shopping, Broadway, the empire state building, statue of liberty and lots of foods from around the world. It has a large selection of 100% gluten free restaurants. You won't have any trouble finding places to eat.

Hotels with Kitchenettes
Langham Place, New York, Fifth Avenue
The Sherry-Netherland Hotel
The French Quarters Guest Apartments
Staybridge Suites Times Square - New York City

Best Gluten Free Restaurants:
1. Wild

West Village restaurant's menu is entirely gluten-free, from the pizzas to the dessert. Its new Williamsburg location is also gluten-free friendly.

2. Springbone
This Paleo restaurant is, naturally, entirely gluten-free, as well as soy-free and almost entirely dairy-free. The bone broths are the main draw, through sandwiches, bowls and vegan ice cream are also on the menu.

3. Senza Gluten Free
Everything on the menu at this Italian restaurant is 100% gluten-free, from the pizza to the pasta, so you can indulge with confidence.

Auckland, New Zealand

From volcanoes to sailing, to shopping to a bustling dining scene, Auckland has something for everyone. In New Zealand gluten awareness is widespread, there are gluten-free food options virtually everywhere you go, and product labeling for allergens and gluten is excellent. A lot of restaurants and cafés throughout New Zealand offer gluten-free menus or menu options. I chose Auckland because it's the biggest city in New Zealand with the largest selection of gluten free restaurants. 

Resorts With Kitchenettes:
Pullman Auckland
Waldorf Celestion Apartment Hotel
Scenic Hotel Auckland
Heritage Auckland

Best Gluten Free Restaurants:

Little Bird Unbakery
 At Little Bird everything is gluten free, dairy free, soy free, organic, raw, vegan and without any refined cane sugars. So what they serve is both delicious & full of goodness.

Monday's restaurant prides itself on being friendly to every kind of diet whether it's gluten-free, dairy-free, glucose-free, vegetarian, vegan or paleo.  They have plenty of gluten free options for those with celiac disease.

The Ancient Mariner - Kiwi As Fish and Chips
If you are in Auckland and longing for fish & chips, this is the place to go. They are very knowledgeable about gluten free, celiac and cross contamination.

Marx Gluten & Wheat Free Bakery
Marx Bakery is New Zealand's first Gluten, Wheat and Dairy Free Bakery catering for those with celiac disease, gluten, wheat & lactose intolerances & other food allergies.

Portland, United States:

One of the world's great towns for food, funky neighborhoods, forest hikes and much more. Eating gluten free in Portland Oregon is a dream when you have to avoid gluten. There are gluten free food trucks, bakeries and restaurants.  Portland and its restaurants are known for being very diverse. That's why I chose Portland to put on the list because it has such an interesting and unique gluten free scene. 

Resorts With Kitchenettes:
Residence Inn Portland Downtown/RiverPlace
Courtyard Portland Downtown/Convention Center
The Mark Spencer

Best Gluten Free Restaurants:

1. Adina Restaurant
Adina restaurant has separate gluten free menus, separate prep areas, knowledgeable staff.

2. Gluten Free Gem
100% gluten-free bakery, where everything is delicious and safe to eat. Vegan options available. 

3. Verde Cocina
100% Gluten free Mexican restaurant. The ingredients they cook with are gluten free and we offer fresh, flexible options for Vegan, Carnivore and Paleo-minded alike.

London, England

London has the Big Ben, Tower Bridge, the London Eye, some of the greatest museums and art galleries in the world and a huge restaurant scene. It's is a diverse and exciting city with some of the world's best sights, attractions and activities. The selection of 100% gluten free restaurants seems endless. Anyone with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity will appreciate the ease of vacationing in London.  

Resorts With Kitchenettes:
Plaza on the River - Club and Residence
The Nadler Kensington
Town Hall Hotel

Best Gluten Free Restaurants:

1. La Polenteria
La Polenteria is the first Italian restaurant in London that's 100% Gluten Free. Located in the heart of Soho, at La Polenteria History meets Modernity together with the pure Passion for Good and Healthy food. 

2. Cotto Italian
Cotto Italian is a vegetarian allergy and gluten friendly restaurant. Almost the entire menu is gluten free, the owner is celiac to rest assured that proper measures are made to prevent cross contamination. 

3. Beyond Bread
Beyond bread is a 100% gluten free bakery. Gluten free sandwiches and desserts that all look to die for.

4. Niche Restaurant Bar & Grill
Another 100% gluten free restaurant with a huge amount of menu options.

Disneyland/Disney World USA

I chose to include Disney Land and Disney World because both are extremely accommodating for those who are gluten free and have allergies. Guests with multiple food allergies or celiac diseaseshould contact Walt Disney Resort Special Diets at ( ). The team at Walt Disney can plan dining arrangements for your visit and for least 14 days prior to your arrival. How's that for customer service? Every restaurant in Disneyland can do gluten free options.

Best Gluten Free Restaurants:

1. Carthay Circle: (Disneyland) Looking for the glamour of old Hollywood? As a recreation of the original Hollywood theatre (which was demolished in 1969), this location is breathtaking and has spectacular views of the park. Equally spectacular are the menu offerings for gluten free diners. Offering gluten free bread and a variety of gluten free dishes.

2. Cocina Cucamonga (Disney land): Looking for some authentic Mexican food? Cocina Cucamonga has got you covered with a ton of gluten free option.

3. Tony's Town Square (Disney World) Excellent for gluten free dining. Rice pasta can be substituted for all pasta dishes except the ravioli, but otherwise all dishes can be made gluten free.



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