5 Ways to Eat Healthy Over the Holidays


With treats everywhere from the office to every Christmas party you go to it can make it hard to choose healthy options. Use these tips below to stay healthy this holiday season. 

1. Manage stress
Often times were choosing and overeating unhealthy foods as a source of comfort. The holidays are a busy time and turning to high sugar foods is an easy way to soothe all of the to-do list stress. Find ways to limit your commitments or share the burden of the Christmas tasks. Treat yourself with non food experiences to give yourself the same boost minus all the extra calories and unhealthy foods.  

2. Bring your own
Bringing a healthier made by you dessert can give you a treat to have at the party without feeling left out. This is a great option if you have an allergy or intolerance, but still want to enjoy food with everyone else. 

3. Dont restrict yourself 100% 
If you tell yourself that you're not going to indulge at all over the holidays it will usually end up with you wanting the indulgence so badly you can't resist and end up giving in. It's not your fault, it's human nature to focus on anything you're restricting. It may seem counter intuitive, but if you choose your treats wisely and really enjoy them by eating mindfully (more on that below) then it can help you eat less. 

4. Focus on what you're eating
Even if you do indulge in your favourite holiday treats make sure you eat them without distractions. Don't snack while you multitask, research shows that mealtime multitasking (whether at home or at a party) can make you pop mindless calories into your mouth. Slow down and enjoy it! You'll end up eating less and enjoying more. 

5. Eat before
A great way to avoid over eating at holiday parties is to eat a snack or small meal before hand. You know that feeling when you go somewhere with less then healthy food choices starving, will power doesn't do much of anything. So to off set this, eat before and it will help you eat less and make better choices. 

Follow these tips and you'll stay healthy throughout the holidays while still enjoying yourself! 

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