Perfect Gluten Free Gifts For Every Budget + Bath Set Giveaway

Having celiac disease, or gluten intolerance, should not mean you have to go without! Giving a gift that is gluten free whether it's food, cosmetics, a cookbook or something for their kitchen will be much appreciated. I wanted to include everything from homemade gifts (which are often the best kinds!) all the way to my luxury gifts for anyone gluten free in your life. 

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Homemade Gifts

1. Gluten Cross Contamination Survival Kit
Help your loved one recover from an accidental glutening by making a gift basket containing some simple items: a heat pad or bag, ginger chews, charcoal tablets, ginger, slippery elm or fennel tea, a lavender candle and a soothing eye mask. 

2. Safe Homecooked Dinner
When you're a celiac you often have to cook all your meals yourself so spending the time to cook a safe gluten free meal is a welcome holiday gift!

3. Homemade lip butters or scrubs
Using naturally gluten free ingredients you can make cute homemade bath scrubs and lip balms. Just make sure the ingredients are gluten free!  

Stocking Stuffers

1. Westing Wellness Gluten Free Flower Petal Bath Bombs $5.50 (My Etsy Shop :D)  - Homemade bath bombs (Made by me!). All gluten free and 100% natural. 

2. GFF Magazine $10.50 - This magazine is more like a recipe book! It's a great gift for any gluten free foodie. 

3. Green Beaver Lavender Castile Gluten Free Soap - Perfect soap for sensitive skin plus it smells so good! It's my favourite from the Green Beaver Soaps. All gluten free of course!

4. RMS Beauty Living Luminizer $45 -This is the best highlighter! It's all natural and doesn't look sparkly. It's a bit pricey but lasts a long time. 

25$ and Under
1. Pacifica Holiday Trio Natural Nail Polish 20$ - Nail polish that's free from harmful chemicals, I'm in! 

3. EOS Holiday 2016 Lip Balm Set $5.99 - I don't know how long EOS has been gluten free but I just recently made the discovery. Holiday flavours makes these the perfect gift. 

50$ and Under
1. Gluten Free Engraved Rolling Pin $43.96 - I'm not 100% sure what you'd use this for, but isn't it so cute? 

2. Hand Stamped Serving Spoon 34$ - Great for big gatherings where you need your own serving spoon.

3. Pacifica Solar Palette 32$ - I'm never one to buy multiples of products but I've been using this palette for years. It's so affordable and I love the colours. It's a great gift because it flatters every skin tone. 

4. Gluten Free Plate 27$ - Have a designated plate for your gluten free meals. Cute gift for gluten free kids. 


1000$ and Under
1. Vitamix 500$ - It's a major splurge but it's the best blender you can buy. If you have a cook in the family and a big budget this is a great gift. 

2. Williams-Sonoma Professional Copper 10-Piece Cookware Set $674.00 - I've always loved the look of copper pots. Gluten free means lots of cooking and often times needing new cookware. A new cookware set is a practical and useful gift for your gluten free loved one. 

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