Best Make Ahead Gluten Free Meals (Allergy Free + Grain Free)

I'll admit it, sometimes life gets the best of me and I stop meal planning/ batch cooking for a while. When I do I realize it's way more stressful and taking one day a week to batch cook is worth it.

It helps when you have delicious recipes! Today i'm sharing all of my favourite breakfast, lunch and dinner batch cook meals! What is batch cooking? Batch cooking is the process of making a lot of food at once, then storing it for later use. I really notice that I eat more healthy foods when the meals are already made (less temptation to eat cookies for dinner).

So lets get started! These are my all time favourite go to batch cooking recipes! They're all gluten free, allergy free and AIP friendly!


1. Butternut Breakfast Bites {AIP, Paleo, coconut free}- Adventures in Partaking
These freeze really well! yum yum.

2. AIP Pop Tarts- Our grain free life
Pop tarts used to be one of my favourite foods back when I lived off of junk food. I didn't think I could find a replacement with as many food restrictions that I have. These freeze so well and you just pop them in the toaster to re heat. *These aren't the healthiest choice but the make a great treat.

3. Week worth of green smoothies- Hello Glow
So i'm usually feeling lazy in the mornings (hence the batch cooking) and I love that you can pre make these smoothies. The protein powder I usually make these with is this: Here.


1. Garlic & Herb Chicken Nuggets - Grazed and Enthused
I usually double this recipe and the reheat in the oven!

2. Turmeric Chicken No Noodle Soup- Clean Eating Veggie Girl
Soup makes the best freezer meals/ make head meals. Soups are perfect for lunches because they transport easily and are easy to reheat.

3. Simple Salad Mason Jar- Grubs Paleo
Mason jar salads are a great way to make your lunches ahead of time. This is one of my favourites because it's so simple!


1. Nomato Sauce - from How We Flourish
I know many of you with autoimmune conditions don't eat tomatoes and this is my fave "Nomato" sauce. It freezes really well and tastes great.

2. Grain-Free Lasagna- Against All Grain
So this recipe has eggs and dairy but it's one of my favourites. I love lasagna and it makes the perfect freezer friendly meal. I usually just make without the cheese.

3. Chicken Pot Pie - The Curious Coconut
I like making little mini versions of these in ramekin cups and then heating them up for lunch! Yum Yum!

Make Ahead Staples/ Basics

1. Gut Healing Bone Broth- Paleo Hacks

2. Cauliflower Rice- The pinning mama

3. Tasted Coconut Chips- Thriving on Paleo

4. Coconut Butter- Tasty Yummies

5. Grain Free Tortillas- A clean bake (These are perfect to make ahead and use them for lunches for the week.

Do you have a favourite batch cooking tip or recipe?