A Celiac In Seattle - Trip Recap & Travel Tips

My boyfriend Dave and I just celebrated our anniversary in Seattle. I thought I would share some of our trip, gluten free eating in Seattle and some of my best celiac travel tips. We stayed at the cutested little Airbnb (in the picture above) in green lake close to downtown Seattle.

It's always nerve wracking traveling on a gluten free diet. I always find myself over planning and stressing that I won't have anything to eat or I'll get sick while traveling. I had so many tough vacations pre celiac diagnosis filled with sickness and misery. Traveling always gave me such bad anxiety! Being constantly sick was only made worse by worrying about spending the whole vacation in bed, getting sick in public or ruining the trip for everyone else. It's taken me years to confidently go on vacation, it feels nice to actually have fun!

In Victoria we just got a Whole Foods last week but I have to say the Whole Foods in Seattle was amazing! I couldn't believe the selection but also the prices, everything was so cheap! Conventional products in Canada are the same price as organic products in Seattle. As someone who does a lot of grocery shopping this was strangely fun to compare prices.

We did all the touristy things like the Space Needle, The Woodland Park Zoo, the Seattle Wheel and the science center. Which if you follow me on Instagram you probably saw on my story. My favourite was probably the zoo, it was great to see animals I'd never seen in person before. The little sea otters were so cute! So were the tigers. The Seattle Wheel was slightly terrifying when it stopped at the top and started swinging, but it was still fun. We saw a couple get engaged on the pier afterwards which was so cute. I've never seen an engagement in person before. 

As for the eating since I have severe food allergies along with celiac disease so sadly I can't eat at restaurants. I know there are some pretty great gluten free restaurants in Seattle so I thought I would list them for anyone traveling to Seattle anytime soon. These are some 100% gluten free places which is the best when you're a celiac:



Best gluten free travel tips

Tip #1 Get a kitchenette
Finding a place to stay with a kitchen is a must on a gluten free diet. Even if you plan on eating out at restaurants, it's still a good back up plan to have a kitchen to eat from. 

Booking a vacation rental can often times be cheaper then a hotel with a kitchenette. Kitchenettes are usually in the higher end suites in hotels so if you have a slim budget staying in an airbnb can save you money.

Stay in a newer rental or hotel. Often times the kitchens will be much more clean and have newer appliances like dish washers.

Clean when you get there. Wipe down the counters, and make sure you don't use any pans or cutting boards. Use paper plates and plastic utensils to be safe. Remember cutlery drawers are a prime place for crumbs to hide!

Tip #2 Use Find Me Gluten Free
A great resource for traveling is a app called Find Me Gluten Free. It's also a website where you can find gluten free restaurants. You can read reviews and pick celiac friendly and 100% gluten free places. I highly suggest looking there first to see the rating and second to see if the comments are positive. It's still important to call ahead but this is a good place to start.

Tip#3 Pack Homemade Snacks
By packing snacks even if you get stuck somewhere or are out for the day you'll always have something to eat. This is very important! It's easy to not do this step and regret it. Make some granola bars or energy balls and bring them in a ziploc.

Tip#4 Don't assume ingredients
It's common for foods to have different ingredient lists in different countries. So when grocery shopping don't just assume that the food you buy in your country that is gluten free is gluten free or allergy free in other countries you travel to. Always read the ingredient list.

Whats been your favourite gluten free vacation place to travel?